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Monday, September 12, 2005

birthday celebration..

wooo..finally my birthday is over....d last few days has been a tiring yet happy moments for mi....

after work went out wif xiangqi for dinner..went to 9 head in yishun to eat...unexpectedly met zh and his fren also..ha..end up sitting together at d same table..LOL...after dat walked ard and toked rubbish wif xq...

went ktv wif my sistas wif min and yun to jurong east kbox...wow..nx time u all wan go kbox during weekend..rem not to go town areas...town areas onli 5 hrs as compared to non-town areas 5 hours...=o...we went mad again this time and sang lots of songs..huimin ah..we muz sing our yuan dian to d perfect perfect jing jie wor!!!! getting better..hahaha...den yun getting better at stefanie songs..heee..after ktv we went boon lay which was d nearest for dinner..walked ard...ended up eating billy bombers for dinners..yum...

met up wif a few of my other frens...they treat mi to ktv so gd of them..we sang klunch at orchard cine..after dat went separate ways..i went bugis..but suddenly don feel like going for lesson..so called up my music sch to inform them wasnt coming..d principal like bu swang...LOL..

don care ler...den mi and xiangqi go semb sun plaza...we went this fashion..and we tried on lots of skirts..i wanted to buy some..but i no money...k lar..for d time being..i juz wear d old ones lor..so sad..xiangqi wear skirt nice leh..den i also tried on a dress..wow i look different man..but its not mi..

den we decided to go cck..but nothing to walk one..we ate long john there lor..after dat we went west mall..haha..llike long time no go ler...got pple performing there..we went to quite a few shops but xq nv buy anytink..haiz..by the time reached home already 9 plus 10 liao..


vintage bag from POA..

top dunno from where...

hehe..ice cream banana boat from Billy Bombers...

hehehe..Chocolate Sponge Cake..

heart necklace wif a gold ribbon from Perlini(dunno how to spell.ha!)


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