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Friday, September 09, 2005

nicest day @ work...hee

today is d nicest start of my work day in 2 weeks..bcoz nothing alot to do..finally can slack..not like past few days..sit down..start up my computer den jiu start coding liao...but i muz say my vb.net coding improved tremendously these 2 weeks...nv knew i could code like dat...guess work is really different from sch...

these 2 days always have xiaoyun to sit train wif...but she haf to drop off at cityhall...how i wish u work at tanjong pagar also...=(

k lar..for those non-IT pple..shant bore u all wif these geeky details...today is a gd day...as i was walking to d my workplace juz now..Joyce suprised mi by suddenly popping up from behind...and somemore she bought chocolate for mi!!! so gang dong..my first bdae present!!..hahaha...although its juz a small lit thing...but i shall remember...later treat u eat large cake..LOL..

as for now..i continue my day-dreaming...-.-


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