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Monday, September 05, 2005

monday blues...

today start my 2nd week of work liao..started to get used to the work...but spent a morning debugging a stupid error?? haiz...but dunno izit i put too much pressure so i over look one little mistake..nvm..i will jiayou one..=)

hehe..today mi and joyce went home together again...since we live so near..haha...guess wat i saw on d train??!!!!!! sitting opp sit mi was none but the jue dui superstar...weilian!!!!! omg...cant believe wat i saw man..actually i tot i was too tired..see wrong liao..scared mi...he quite independent wor..he alone himself sit on d train...i tink he noe dat pple recognised him ba...off screen he still looks about d same..t-shirt and jeans..actually realli wanted to tell him to jiayou..but i shy..wahhahaha...so mi and joyce juz looked on...den his phone rang ba..superstar de music man...den reaching YCK he took out his guiding stick and walked out of d train...suddenly felt so sad for him...dunno y ler..joyce and mi agreed we got d feeling dat he's sad....haiz...y huh..lets hope he will lead a happier life from now on...


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