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Sunday, September 04, 2005

rainy sunday...

today watched d repeat telecast of superstar..haha..my last chance to watch le...now funni le...wed and thurs nite no more superstar..haizzz..sian liao..one less thing to look forward to...today is actually quite a bad day lar..bcoz of my music lesson lor..my teacher invited her fren to sit in during our lesson..hai wo super nervous man..and her fren is a music vocal teacher too..OMG...i tink she meant well lar..said alot of things dat i can improve on..ahhaa..juz dat maybe i suddenly veri huge pressure lor..d more i tried d more pressure was building up man..but its OK..i m not scared of failure...will try my veri veri veri best to pursue my dream...tell u all sometin o...>.<..mi nx yr maybe particpating jue dui superstar...wahahahaha...tink i be d first one to get kicked out..but i juz wan a taste of wats it like..juz lack d confidence to sing infront of them...from now on..i muz train veri veri hard..don wanna let down myself...hahaha..


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