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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

i feel veri sad after watching ah wang show....i wish they would end up happily..but i noe they wont..coz i looked at d synopses le..haiz..y cant there will a fairy tale ending for everybody in tis world..y muz there be sad endings....i veri sad de...=(..today had to adjust to working life again...felt d strain and stress again..i noe i got slight asthma in d past..so whenever i stress or i do sports i will get more breathless den other pple...tis is wat i'm feeling rite now...yet i don wan to worry other pple..so i choose to write here...i feel scared...i scared to make mistakes in my work..today and tml is onli training..i sense a tough 3 mths ahead.....haiz......depressed.........


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