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Monday, August 29, 2005

first day of work!!

today was my first day of work...actually quite fun lar..getting to noe d collegues and all..my boss was veri gd...brought mi to d nearby hawkers for lunch and even treat mi fruits and muffins for teabreaks...but d work i'm not so sure i can handle..maybe i juz need more self confidence ba...haha..but one thing is i get to wake up late lor..coz i hate waking up early..got to noe a girl of ard my own age...she stays in yishun too..so qiao...haha...den today din do anytink..coz d staff there helped mi to reformat d comp...reformating d whole day??? omg...i hope i get my comp tml...need to go rest lo!!! haha...baibai...


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