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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

today is d first day i m using broadband..ok maybe seems to alot of pple their first response will be "CHEY"...but to mi!!! i'm veri happY!!! almost ran to my computer after eating dinner..wahaha...wanted to try out my broadband...actually already got d letter last week but d activation date was today 5pm!!! so cool..my surfing speeded by many many times!!! but i do miss d dial-up tone which accompanied mi for years ba...hahaa...

today ate noodles at food court..actually i like eating by myself sometimes...although don haf anybody to tok to..but i kind of like it...peaceful..den after dat as usual went to look at d sea..i dunno y i like to look at d sea...looking at it always make mi feel so xinfu and calm..

haha...looking forward to watching intial-d movie nx week...someone say going to treat mi rite?? hehe...=)


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