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Monday, May 16, 2005

my room...

Spend half of today cleaning up my room...wa seh..i din noe i had so much stuff b4?? it took mi ard 3 hours to clear up my desk and cabinets..i had so much as 6 bags of rubbish?! i tink d pile of rubbish scared my ma...haha...i tink d dust on my table is so thick..dat it took alot of tissues to clear up...but seeing my room now is spick and span its all worth it....lalala..

while cleaning up my room..contacted d agency about my job..hmmm...she say d company was buzy...so might haf to wait for a while...but she be recommending a job in DBS...haiz..i hope i get a job soon...its getting realli bored at home...yAwNz....


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