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Thursday, May 12, 2005

hee..todae i went harbourfront to meet Xiangqi for lunch...wow...was juz sitting down in d mrt when i saw Huimin!!! which is totally a surprise man..so qiao leh!!!! lucky got her accompany mi to dobby gaut le...as Xiangqi came out late..so we went to mac for lunch le...after we ordered...den i opened up my wallet to find out dat i onli had $2 wif mi!!! argh...lucky my other purse still got some small change...phew..i onli noe i was shocked by my wallet!! lol..

as we decided to go swimming tml...Xiangqi needed to buy swimming suit..coz she din haf one...so we went after her work...haha..mi waited for her lor..realli boliao nothing to do...walked ard..picked up a mag and read it for 2 hours in d food court near cruise centre...after which i found a quiet area near the sea...stood there for a long time..ok tis sounds wierd..but long time din see the sea le..it looks kind of calm and occasionally small ferrys cruised by...up in d sky u could see alot of cable cars...wow..if at nite sure veri nice de...

finally waited finish for Xiangqi le...we went off together...including Yarling..hehe..long time no see her too...den mi and Xiangqi went causeway in search for d swimming suit..but at last she bought one..design quite nice...haha...be looking forward to tml...

the sea....


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