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Sunday, July 17, 2005

superstars at J8!!!!

today after i watched d repeat telecast of jue dui superstar..d ending got say those kanna revival match will cum to J8 today at 2pm to win votes lor..den is 933 plan wan lar..actually 933 celebrating anniversary...so decided to drag xiangqi go watch...its held at d open plaza there..hahaha...i tink d show already began when we reach there..wa...alot of pple..some more..i so short how to see d stage...but it got better after we found a better postion...(at least tip-toe can see)ha ha. ok lar..those djs were singing..i guess they not bad lar..but most pple were waiting for superstars..can tell from their faces wan..hahahaha..but mi also lar...they left d gd stuff to d end of d show..lucki we were late man..or else muz stand longer...

den d superstars cum out liao lor..wa lau leh..pple were screaming ard us..of coz we not so wuliao scream wif them..my head is spinning..so is xiangqi's...hahaha...esp the young gals behind us..they holding banners..erm..i realli no idea who they supporting...yi xia zi scream kelly name..yi xia zi scream derrick's name..some more they bu swang d superstars din recognise their efforts lor..they wan to attract their attention..but failed to do so..den they scolded lots of vulgar words..jialat...i tink they mad liao...some more we veri kelian..kanna hit by those fans..coz they so violent wif their banners...siao le..lucky nv stand behind them..or sure cannot see anytink..den d superstars nv sing ba..but tok and played games...for us we juz wanted to see them in real person see nice anot...ahahaa...

den after d j8 also went bugis lor..coz i finally go signed up for my singing course le...hehehe..i will be starting nx sun 2.30 - 3.30 slot..personal singer instructor..hehe..den d person also told mi dat i can bring any lyrics or cds or music i was interested..hehehe..so happi le....^^

some of d photos i took of d superstars....heee...


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