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Saturday, July 02, 2005

somehow i din realli slp well last nite..i actually got up at 5 or 6 plus...juz like i was getting up for work...argH...i mus be crazy!! even on a friday nite i tink i mus be too stressed up to sleep well..i feel out of sorts...flipping uneasy...tried to remind myself there is a wonderful sat to look 4ward to and i guess i fell into many strange and vague dreams..waking up to find dat its sat again...and wildly dunno wat to do wif myself...sometimes will get fed up wif myself..haf u dat feeling b4...it annoys u dat u r not behaving and thinking normally...its juz u looking at urself..looking at d things u r doing...shaking ur head and saying pathetic but cant seem to stop urself from doing silly littl things..on a sat like this i feel suffocated and trapped and drugged..my brain now is not functioning properly..i feel a dull ache behind my head...



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