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Thursday, July 14, 2005


my thoughts about superstar..no doubt is a veri entertaining show to watch..but d way results r caluclated veri disappointing...i tot shld be 50-50 ba..looks more like a fan-voting show...sigh...those gd voices like kelly and derrick kana kicked out...their voice got potential one leh...UNFAIR!!!! HMPH...*jumps ard and shakes fist at d TV screen* GRRRRRR....but nvm i found another potential gal called Chanel..yes if kelly cant make it in d revival round i guess she is d onli gal i m supporting..ahhaha..

reasons see below:

1) She has potential (style, voice)
2) i like d style of her songs....groovy and abit slow rock
3) she's natural.juz being herself. she juz sings her own way ba.
4) i like her voice.hahaha.
5) i like d clothes..not too dressy but stylish-gal way...=)

thumbs up =)

started to believe wat my sister said...for guys match..they r not dat strong ba...
guess they r quite ok lar...quite style..but hairstyle getting identical...hmmm...i supporting derrick..ok he looks kinda young for his age...erm but in terms of voice he is a natural ba....like d way he express his song lor...tink its quite important in singing de...

oh and btw i was quite surprised Leon was d singer for d 3G HP show called tian shi...wo ai ni..or sometink like dat..oh well read d I weekly found dat he's a gd fren of Sly..no wonder..i always tot his dressing resembles dat of someone...

hahaha...oh ya haagen smile veri stunning..as in he 's a cross bred btwn mu chun and jerry yan...veri dazzling..maybe shld star in a toothpaste commercial..

wonder who would be out??? would it be sampathy votes?? idol votes?? or would it be based on real superstar materials?? A battle of talent versus idol-orry...d show is getting more interesting....=)


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