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Saturday, July 02, 2005

A scary day....

today started out as a fun day??? i met xiangqi at causeway ard 2 plus to get ready for our picnic...we went cold storage to shop haha...buy alot of things..bought alot alot of sushi..haha..12 pcs wan...after dat we took mrt to khatib..where at d shop n save we buy even more stuff like drinks, chicken wings, potato chips and our blueberry bubble tea at d shop across d mrt..haha..its was quite warm..as we walked all d way to d flat opposite xiangqi home..haha..there got place sit mah...but ok lar..got wind...eh..den we began our picnic!!!!!

eating halfway we actually quite enjoy wan..tok abt d things we did during these few days...coz qi left Canon le mah...so actually miss d rubbish we usually tok abt...suddenly a guy walk pass us..veri scary leh..he start toking to us asking our names and age and wat sch we studying ...siao leh..but he din do anytink to us..den we say dat our age 20 lar...den he say don look like..so we said 17 den he believe..siao wan...so we ignored him..den he walked away...

but half an hour later he came back sia!!! d most strange thing is he went up d lift juz now so we presume dat he live the other side of d flat but strange is he came by d stairs on d opposite side!!!! some d lift here is old fashion wan onli stop at 6 floor does dat mean he walked down d stairs from 6th floor? qi guai le....den he start toking to us again..den ask us our names...siao...i couldnt be bothered le..coz i was scared to death..i pretended i was veri interested in my hp..whereas poor xiangqi had to entertain him wif one word ans...ha....some more d guy say he 27 years old..where got like 27...more like 30 sometink...

after dat we realli tink he is pyscho le...and dangerous also..so we walked to ah qi flat downstairs..tinking maybe he wont cum back again...coz is opposite mah...arGh!!! after 1 hour or so i happen to turn my head towards d flat direction...and there HE IS!!!! he came walking down d stairs!!! OMG!@#@*(&^ i tot i was seeing things leh..i started to nudge xiangqi dat he came back..but by d time we managed enuff courage he was GONE!!!!we started to get pretty nervous..but din realli occur to us dat we shld run...after a while suddenly qi saw him walking in the direction to us...but it was too LATE!!! we couldnt move an inch....juz stared dumbfounded at him..whereas he sat down and tok to us..siao wan de..say wat u all shld study more and things...siao de..and even ask will we be here again nx sat...
lucky he walked away also..smiling at us..pyCHOOOOO!!!!!

after dat also got one old ah pek keep looking at us when he passed by..even got a distance also turned back his head and look...how i wish i wan to poke his eye..siao de..some more xiangqi say he got his hand inside his clothes or sometink..like holding weapon...scary...maybe haf gun or knife..oh don blame us...we juz scared to death le...after went up xiangqi home sit sit..whereas calming our nerves..ard 9 made my way home safely...wat a day!!!!!!


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