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Monday, July 04, 2005

stupid monday...

today is a veri busy monday..b4 dat i can predict liao...pat OL mah..dats y..and i tink she so senior..wifout her...i tink d dept is abit stuggling liao...den today i see the selfish side of human nature lo...everybody busy wif their own thing...like no time to care u like dat..how cum like dat...and be hao ren veri difficult..end up doing all d work..haiz...hai wo stay back 10 mins..HMPh...some more cannot claim dat 10 mins..argh...realli hao lei wor...but still enjoy d work..today went home wif Nas, a malay gal from my dept...she's 23 yrs old..i sort of hear alot of bad things bout her at one time...wat always MC on friday and things..but i look at her i noe she is ill ba..she looks sickish..and i tink she shld go and haf a rest..some how d little chat we had on d way home makes mi feel dat she is quite geunine...juz dat those pple mistaken her le ba..she noes wat i'm going thru...hmm...maybe we ard d same age lor..let mi realise one thing....gossip is a fearful thing...ren yan ke wei...


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