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Monday, July 25, 2005

ys went for my first music lesson...i realli got difficulty reading dou ya wen (beansprout lanugauge) the beansprouts refer to d music notes lar...hahaa...lao shi teacher taught mi simple simple wan lar..enuff to sing d song..at first she told mi to sing any part of a song lehh..dunnno wat to sing..so i sing kai shi dong le...by stefanie sun...great choice of song i muz say..haa...at least din realli "zou yin" larr..she juz hear den noe wat mistakes i committed liao...hahaha..she say she noe my weak and strong pts le...

den she taught mi how to warm up my voice first...den how to use d dang tian..hahaha..how to project my voice sia..hahaha..i tink so larrr...coz she say my voice sometimes becum too soft and no power bcoz no use dang tian....hahaha...true true..but she say my chinese hanyu pinyin not bad...hahaha..i tink she refering to d "yao zi" ba...its quite important to pronounce d words properly when u sing..LOL..den also keep correcting my mistakes ahhahaa...wow...siao le..


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