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Sunday, July 24, 2005

wow..so much time passed le...today already d 24th liao...in a month plus i be turning 20 soon...i wonder wat would be my bdae wish this year...i tink i would wish for everyone ard mi to be happy...hahaha...den askin myself..got learn anytink this year mah??? suddenly i also dunno how to ans...hmmmm...i guess lots and lots of things happened esp this year..this year..i finished my poly studies..this year......hahaha..erm and let down alot of pple also..i tink d list is still counting..sometimes ask myself y i so immature..but actually in this process i also learning lmah..learning to stand on my own feet..learnin to take care of myself..learning to love myself and care for my loved ones...learning to look at reality and accept it..dreams someimes r too far-fetched..but u muz haf d courage to pursue it..at least u wont regret...d onli thing i m happy is my music lessons..i finally gathered enuff yong qi to go for my dream...sorriee hui min..maybe language is not realli my thing...music is my love lor..haha..there r things u regret sometimes lor..wish u had done it in a better way...but to conclude..this year is a fruitful one..hahaha...not dat many fruits lar..*coLd*...i be looking forward to the 20th Me....


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