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Saturday, June 25, 2005

trip to d zoo....

hey today xiangqi treated mi, peiwen and weilin go singapore zoological gardens...wahaha..at first today morning tot it was going to be veri rainy day...??? tot we could onli see polar bears and penguins...ha...turned out we met at amk station..pw was late lor..so we all went buy diposible camera first..coz i noe my hp wan sure veri lousy...ard 12.45 we finally took d bus 138 to d zoo lor..den tink i bus sick again...realli got d yucky feeling...but i been thru worse...ha..

finally we arrived after 20 mins?? wow..i felt like a child wor..we were oooing and ahhing at d new entrance...erm>> i tink got at least 10 years nv cum le?? ha...we also got took photo at d entrance..nice nice..xiangqi's uncle so gd wor..give her free 4 tickets..or else i tink i wont cum ba...but actually i like animals veri much...so cute!!!! along d way we saw alot of animals lor...monkeys..snakes..penguins..tigers..reptiles..den we also happened to see the sealion show...so cute...d sealion was called Carlos i tink ....i tink i want to be sealion nx life..can keep eating fish for one simple action de...den we also went down children world after d show..coz pw was hungry ba..

after lunch..we went take alot of photos lor...wif d baba sheep and d donkeys and d horses..nx time i tink i wan to open farm liao..got black piggie also remind mi of pig trotters..i rem d cow also mooed veri loudly to us when we left..tink it was saying bye to us..we also went reptile garden also..veri scary sia..disgusting snakes..walk alot of places..noe dat we specially like d children world one..went back there to take some more photos..we also went to c d pets section..got rabbits wan..wl veri lihai leh..he actually managed to 'bao' d bunny out of d pen..so dat we could take turns taking photos wif it..ha...by den d time was getting late..we started walking back...on d way went in a fragile world or sometink..lots of butterflies and howling monkeys or wat de...started to imitate how they howl.tink i got future in animal sound imitation...ha...we also passed a nearby place..suddenly saw one peacock there also..we all started to corner d peacock..until i guess it forced himself to jump down d railing..OPPxx...not my fault..

maybe nx time i shld consider working in d zoo ba..but my physical strength doesnt seem enuff to work there..my feet is aching sia!!!! we had a short break at d kfc b4 making our way back to home..by then it was getting hard...we alll wanted to take bus 171 but turns out we walked all d way out of d area to reach dat bus stop..tink we at least walked half an hour?? eeks...anyways kinda fun la..ha..

den we went chong pang had dinner..actually mi and qi onli eat strawberry ice kachang lar...haha...but quite nice ba..also chong pang near my home..onli 2 bus stops den reached home b4 10 liao..

mi and xiangqi at d kfc in the zoo..

penguins...my fav...

d strawberry ice-kachang we ate...haha..

rest of d photos is input as flash above my links section.......


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