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Thursday, April 14, 2005

wow...long time nv update le....these 3 days has been an agnonizing experience for mi..yes..EXAMS!!!! i tin i onli haf more confidence in e 2nd paper..e rest are goners...-___-...so sad...realli eager to c my results in May..this has been a difficult semester for mi...all e assignments r so hard..

anyway after finishing advanced database paper today...i suddenly felt veri free...as in i realli din noe wat to do at home...and i guess it marks e start of another phase in my life..no more sch life..which i tink i may miss badly...ARGH..i juz wan to remain a student and kid forever..no growing up for mi..hahaha...

going to thailand nx sat le...still one week away..but i m realli lookin forward to it...hmmm..after dat maybe will go work ba..till aug when i can go back NYP to get my cert!!!!! END OF POLY LIFE!!!! NO MORE EXAMSS...^^


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