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Thursday, March 31, 2005


feeling veri happy...coz comm skill is finally over and done wif...tin e cover letter part was abit badly done..coz i wrote all e way to the bottom of e pg...i realli dunno whether e marker noes wat i writing anot..coz at first i wrote my answers quite neatly...den...back to the old mi..i started to scribble and scribble...but as i write..i din feel stress..instead i felt excited...erm..dunno y..maybe i was halfway finishing e paper..i noe dat after tis i would not need to look at comm skill again...hip hip horayy...

anyway..ys watch the eye 10...erm...realli lor..first time watch a scary and comedy movie at e same time..actually not realli scary movie..juz dat on e way home ys nite..it was a starless and dark nite..wif little pple ard..dats y i was scared when i was making my way home?? sounds too imaginative?? dats mi...i got a over reactive imagination..esp i live on e 11th floor...haf to take lift...ahh..dats life for mi...
a scaredy cat...tsk tsk...-.-''''


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