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Friday, April 01, 2005


back to the boring days where i hole myself up at home....went d library today to look at books..travel books..but i tink b4 i read up on these books maybe i shld study d thai language?? haiz..today is one of these days u wont take much notice of..as usual i started my revision for advanced database exam...tsk tsk...u may say i m 'kiasu' but i do want to have a gd grade for my finals..=) worked out a revision schedule for myself for e coming week..tink i don haf much free time baH...i need to study an average of 2.5 chapters everyday...

anyway msn is not working properly riteZ now...at least dats wat i tink...cant log in...tink its down..bad timing...anyway wish everybody here HAPPY APRIL FOOLS!!! adios...~~~


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