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Friday, March 25, 2005

i guess i'm realli hopeless in my j2me..i cant seem to code well in j2me..ARGHH...today spend d whole morning trying to debug and work...but its hopeless...i guess. dat and in e afternoon...went out wif J.H, Eve and Brother to search for tour agencies..yep..and guess wat?! we managed to make our final booking for our trip to Bangkok! Therefore e five of us be flying on e 23rd April on a morning flight..wow my first trip overseas...ok..not realli far...but at least i get to sit on a plane le..hee..feeling happy and looking forward...but suddenly realised i haf to finish sch first..which is kinda sad..

i found my birthday (911) bear today in chinatown OG...in a collection by Meiji..the famous Japan biscuit and chocoalates...its in leather material..and it has orange arms..haha..hmm...not realli pretty..but i guess i cant choose ba...and tis time round e birthday bears r on a travel theme..which suits mi!!! my birthday bear is from italy...hee..so cute..its attached to my hp le...=)


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