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Saturday, March 26, 2005


worked on e proj whole day in e lab at sch..was helping abit here and there
hoping to get e proj done..but e proj integration will be done tml...wow
another less den 48 hours and i be free...^^*

after proj..dage, zh, vic, jh and mi went to amk Market to haf our early
dinner...i ate lamb chop there..but e lamb was quite small..so i wasnt
realli veri full..after our meal mi, jh and vic stayed to wait for matt
to accompany him to eat dinner..and from there e most irritating thing

we sat juz juz directly opposite a corner stall in the MArket which sell
satay beehoon...at first it was quite e usual thing...gor ordered satay
beehoon also..but it was e other stall dat was beside onli...

actually to say e truth..i wasnt feeling veri comfortable e whole time
there..bcoz there was tis uncle owner of the beehoon stall staring at us
e whole time...i guess J.H felt it too...i guess i wasnt veri swang so
i juz made a joke out of it ba...even when mi and jh swop places..i got
e full view of dat uncle face..so creepy...i guess he muttered sometink
about us which i'm not saying...i guess mi and jh heard it...which reali
spoiled my mood for e whole day...a big clapZ for gor..he actually stayed
to confront e uncle for staring at us and whistling e whole time....which
actually kind of cheered us up ba..its was so creepy and disgusting...gor
even said dat e other stall beehoon tasted better which muz haf made e uncle
grow smoke hiak hiak hiak...huo gai...dat uncle shld haf known better...

guess e meal and all of us mood was spoiled..i tot we may stay later and
tok or sometink..but we juz wanted to be out of there ASAP....anyway
pple out here if u going to amk central market for lunch or dinner...esp e LADIES..
pls be careful of the beehoon stall...or maybe u wan to see it for urself...


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