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Saturday, December 18, 2004

blog ah blog...mi still feelin veri down these few days...but i tink is expected de lar...who can get over in a period of short time..at least not mi...my feelings r not so versatile....juz like i thought in e past i could get over any person easily...in the end i also hurt so many pple...mi also dunno wat to do now le...i'm sad...but i cant be sad forever...i still gotta move on...ya noe...there's nobody who can understand and give mi all e an wei i need..even in front of all e best frens i haf i juz still joke all e time...even in front of him...i don understand y all my bravery came from..haha...e energy still to get on wif life...maybe i too zhong gan qing liao...so landed into such a state...i mean who else can blame other den mi? bcoz its mi refusing to move on and make myself miserable right...haizzz...i'm so veri useless...*mood*depress;*doing*listen to s.h.e songs....;


Blogger SpongeBob said...

Come on gal, don't be sad about... anymore. You don't need to blame yourself for... because this does not happen to you only and you also cannot control about it. Time will tell you what to do. It will be better to concentrate on your studies right now rather than thinking about this matter anymore. Each person has his/her own talents and therefore nobody is considered as useless. Take good care of yourself, :) always! ->-@

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