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Monday, November 15, 2004

haha...2nd week of holidays!!! doing noth much again..enjoying my last sch holidays...today went jogging in e park again...manage to run 3 rounds at a go...erm u may tink is not such a feat but to mi it is coz my stamina is v.poor...from 1 round to 2 and now to 3 i'm so glad abt it yea...i tink i m getting fitter le...veri confident by nx wk i can jog 4 rounds...god...5 rounds make 2.5 km..watching my diet also..don let myself eat too much...especially eggs which r high in cholestrol and dat one person shld onli eat 2 eggs in a day...boy..i tot eggs were healthier den meat? tink i'm wrong...35 more holidays till sch re-opens...


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