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Friday, October 01, 2004

sometimes...when i look out e sky..and i see the grey clouds hovering....i smell the smell of rain...i would become sad...i guess rain brings mi sadness ya..haha...i also wonder why...maybe bcoz when its raining..every thing becomes so cold...if i ask u all pple out there reading my blog..wat would u do when u r sad...what would u do to forget ur sadness? i guess no matter wat i choose to do..e pain will always be there ba...now i juz wan to escape reality...hide in my little wonderful world...where there is onli laughter and joy...Love brings mi too much pain and sadness...it turned my world into a complete dark hell..everyday is juz passing wifout mi noeing it..i tink i m juz wasting everyday.....there is still a small part of mi reaching out for hope...its the part pple c mi as...as a realli hard working gal trying her best at her attachment right now? i guess e onli way to stop myself from thinking is to keep working ba...and i can't bear to hurt those close to mi..so i rather not tok abt it..i rather laugh it off...lucky i still haf a blog here to confide in..there is a fear in mi...dat i dunno y...a mental fear of being hurt again ba...but as long as i still can maintain my cheerfulness in front of pple...wat the heck?? juz go on wif it...and dats bcoz i noe some of u guys still care and love mi...so i don wish to leave u all too....


Blogger SpongeBob said...

What to do when feeling sad? Try taking a walk at beach, play games that u like, watch funny videos like cartoons, do exercises to make yourself physically tired, listen to musics that is relaxing (no love songs please) and sleeping.

As for how to forget your sadness? I can tell u it is almost impossible to do it unless u go brainwash yourself! I agree that love brings people with pain and sadness, but u are not the only one in this world who are facing it gal!

Keeping yourself busy is also another way to stop yourself from thinking about your sad things but it will juz be a temporary one. Who doesn't face any sadness while growing up. So it is a matter of how u want to overcome it.

I suggest that u take a walk around many places to view what is happening around here. For examples, old woman selling tissue paper and those handicaps people begging for money to survive. Aren't they much more sadder / unfortunate than u? At least now u got what many others dun have. So treasure what u got now. Dun lose it and regret later in the future. Till then... Take care always!

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