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Tuesday, September 28, 2004

the 100 qns about mi

100 qns...
[01] first name: Yanling
[02] middle name: -
[03] last name: Xu
[04] nickname:bLuE`sTaR
[05] gender: female
[06] age: 19
[07] birthdate: 11th Sept 1985
[08] height: 152cm
[09] hair color: brown wif a bit of highlight...
[10] eye color: black
[11] race: chinese
[12] do you wear glasses or contacts: contacts
[13] do you have nice hair: not really..
[14] is your hair long or short: shoulder length
[15] where were you born: toa payoh hospital
[16] current location: i love singapore
[17] zodiac sign : virgo
[18] how many languages do u know: chinese, english, cantonese(abit)
[19] nationality: singaporean
[20] bad habits: eat too much chocolate(haha)....need mama to wake mi up...
[21] piercings you have: 5
[22] piercings you want: don need le ba..enuff liao.
[23] tattoos you have: no!!
[24] tattoos you want: no!!
[25] today's date: 28/9/04
[26] the time: 08.34am
[27] ready for more questions?: k

[43] are you still in school: yea
[44] did you drop out: don intend to
[45] current GPA, or last GPA: eh???
[46] favorite grade: sec.2
[47] least favorite grade: sec1.
[48] favorite teachers/lecturers: hmm? Miss Ng
[49] least favorite teacher/lecturer: haha..don say betta
[50] favorite subjects: geography, biology
[51] least favorite subject: maths
[52] do you buy lunch or bring it: buy of coz
[53] play any sports on the school's team: no
[54] do you do any extra curricular activities: in the past
[55] are you popular: no la
[56] favourite dance: ha..i don dance.
[57] least favorite dance: told u liao..i don dance.
[58] favorite memory: all my birthdays
[59] least favorite memory: eh...how bout my a-maths o'level exam?
[60] most humiliating moment: don haf la actually..
[61] number: 5
[62] clothing brand: no brand also nice mah.
[63] shoes: converse
[64] saying(s): haha..jiayou la.
[65] favourite TV show: xiao hua xiao cao
[66] sport: swimming
[67] vegetables: cabbage, carrots
[68] fruit: apple
[69] movie: too many liao.
[70] magazine: seventeen
[71] actor: andy lau
[72] actress: aiya..too many le lar.
[73] candy:eh..forget the name lar
[74] gum: don realli eat gum
[75] scent: flower scent..hahaha
[76] choc bar: ritter sports..the one wif cornflakes
[77] ice cream flavour: chocolate
[78] color : blue
[79] seasons: autumn
[80] holidays: valentine's day(but no meaning lar)
[81] bands: F.I.R, Zayin
[82] singer: Jay Chou
[83] group: S.H.E
[84] rappers: ...
[85] types of music: mandrin pop
[86] things in your room: pillow
[88] radio station: y.e.s933
[89] tv channel: channel 8
[90] junk food: choco, potato chips
[91] overall food:eh???
[92] store:ntuc..wahaha.
[94] fast food: long john
[95]restaurant: haggen diaz
[96] shape: star
[97] song: keep changing
[98] person u hate most: none
[99]musical instrument: violin, piano
[100]what u wana say: -_-


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