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Thursday, September 16, 2004


today is a lousy day...dunno y i feeling upset now ba.....hmm...maybe can't pinpoint y i upset lor..maybe juz don wan to say it out here..sorry pple...but don feel like saying anytink here...music helps alot....actually calm mi down alot.....oh and wilber music is realli great..i realli like his slow songs......:) maybe nobody noe e pain i feel inside ba...its so alive....after writing down here..i feel kind of relieved ba..tis e place i dump e all my burdens here ba...all my stress gone half le...blog ah blog..thankz for listening again...hee..


Blogger duckmeats said...

hi its me....dun be so upset lah,look at the bright side and think positive its will turn your day brighter , for me I hate 2004 too many unhappy thing happen, just feel like one shot all the bad thing fell on your make you cant even move so 2004 make my life totally darkness but use to it liao , now I more and more like night time than day time I dun know why nobody noe e pain i feel inside , just want to push you out of the darkness hole , dun come in again , go to your bright day enjoy your time with friend family

8:26 PM  
Blogger Sw|fTb|iTz said...

Hmmm...really sad to hear u feeling upset...guess all those who care for u wouldn't want u to feel this way ba...guess a human may be better as a listener ba...do share ur prob cos i believe someone somehow will help u ba...dun suffer alone in silence...makes people worried...taker care hor..

10:46 PM  

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