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Saturday, September 25, 2004

forget and forgive...

today went to watch jackie chan new film...not bad la...but duno y after c e whole movie..i missed the old Jackie even more..haha...strange right..went home liao..feel abit sad ..dunno y..e past memories started haunting mi again..all e memories came rushing back...being forced to look at them again..i tot i already went back to my normal lifestyle and my cheerful self..some things u juz can't forget dat easily ya know and its getting so hard to put it right again....so i m trying to take it more relax..but i juz don feel right..its juz a part of mi is lost or gone or simply has died..jiu suan how peaceful my life is now...i don feel happy....i juz realised i haven been happy all this while...maybe i still need time..but who can tell mi..how much time i need...to overcome all...and how far xinfu is from mi..


Blogger SpongeBob said...

I know you feel happy for the past few days are juz temporary one. You are juz lying to yourself only. As for how long you need? I can tell you that it would be quite long! Maybe weeks or months... Must depends one. Unless you have got / found what you really wanted, then you will feel xin fu and be really happy again otherwise it will be very difficult for you to forget the things that had happened to you recently.
Xin bing yi ding yao yong xin yao yi, must remember this gal! That's all for today, bye and take care...

3:06 AM  

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