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Wednesday, October 20, 2004


today is yet another day at PSA...ah...so boring....mi sitting in one corner rite now waiting for time to pass...coz i changed my place..i tink its onli temporily....but so sian leh...coz here i can onli tok to myself...but i din..coz i m not a psycho...haiz...time pass so quickly onli 2 weeks + to my end of attachment..i don plan to work in the holidays..coz i wan to pamper myself..i don wan to work blindly and sacrifice alot...ever since last dec i don haf a proper holiday..and last dec i was working in motorola!!!...zZz..tis coming holidays i wan to do alot of sports..whip myself into shape and of coz upgrade myself...do more shopping..(on a reasonable rate)..but i also wan to save alot of money...catch up wif my frens..i tink bcoz lack of time..i been neglacting some of my frens..maybe after the one month ++ holidays i will becum a better person and wait for sch to re-open..i guess my last sch semester is pretty precious..now i had an idea of how my working life will be like in the future...haha..now feeling veri hungry...when will lunch cum soon...i hope everything will get better..coz i gonna make my life more interesting den regretting...shall stop here...will update again..


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