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Saturday, October 16, 2004

another movie...COOL GUY~~!!!

yO..back here to update again..mi went to watch another movie todae wif yun and min...haha..it was a super early movie(12.15pm) @ cathay woodlands...tis movie is Cool Guy...so rare tis movie...onli had one session in woodlands and two in orchard wan...haha...tis movie is acted by song cheng xian...is korean...not dat i don like korean..i'm starting to like it ba..coz in the past i onli liked jap culture...wow korean gals all so white..mi start to xian mu liao...haha...
tis movie takes place in a school..korean guy had e image of a gangster meets korean gal from another sch...both kan bu shun yan each other in the first place...so one day guy decided wif his little gang of friends waited outside the gal's sch...gal and her fren(aso quite pretty lar..) decided to escape by e back gate...when e gal finally mustered enough courage to jump over e wall..she fell on top of the guy sia..so they kissed lor..(e most jing dian scene of the show..)lol..guy say he nv been touched by any gal b4...(i tink he dat time already liked e gal..so it was an escuse)..after dat..everday guy threathen gal to go out wif him...call him..if not gal will be sorry..it was so ironic..but yet same time so sweet..its veri schoolish..their love is a sweetish type of way yet everybody would wan it lor...ending u muz watch urself...i tink after watching it..every gal would wan to be in the actress shoes lor..coz so swang sia..lol...e gal is pretty in a sch-gal type of way ba...tis romantic comedy is veri ke ai lor...i guess i wanted to cry during e movie..but i wanted to be a stronger gal..so i held my tears..but near the ending part of the movie..i still cried abit lar...can say its a quite worth movie ba..at least i tink i din waste my $8.50..feel like watching wimbledon..like not bad hor..
recently i keep bottling up my feelings...in the past i used to tok to pple wan..but now i find dat pple whom i can realli tok to r getting lesser ba...and i start to tink of the future more den ever le..i noe i shld concentrate on e present..but somehow feel e future ahead is veri lost..dunno y recently i aso lost interest in e many things i do...i don get dat excited feeling whenever events happen..so i also trying hard to find back tis feeling...life is too short to miss anytink but yet i cant seem to move myself..haiz..i tink i also duno wat i toking le...maybe i update again tml..tee hee...^^*


Blogger SpongeBob said...

What are you sad about gal? Talk to someone who know a lot of you or the person you trust a lot. It helps by confiding to somebody instead of keeping all things yourself! The reason for losing your interest in things that you like even you may possesses it now, is because you are very sad and feeling very tired all these while. This needs quite sometime to recover from it. The best advice for you is to take a rest whenever you can or sleep as early as you can. You will feel a lot better after you get enough rest / sleep. Maybe after sometime, you will know what you really want for your future. End here... Take care always! -<-@

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