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Friday, September 10, 2004

another sleepless night...@_@

haiz..ys din slp properly again ba...so today i look like @_@...so sian de..i noe i fell asleep after listening to a sentimental song by jerry yan on my discman..dat song is <>..realli veri nice...maybe cried abit also ba...den mother came in..no choice gotta slp..don wan her to c mi crying in e dark ba..don wan to disturb my mei mei slping also...haiz...but surprisingly i fell asleep veri fast...but i tink b4 5 am i woke up le...you shi mian le...dunno y auto wake up these few nights...and its getting earlier and earlier..maybe if tis go on i will beng kui ba coz today eyes realli veri swollen le...now is 8.40 am in e morning...still early so decide to blog an entry again...in e office everything is quiet...not many pple ard...i tink i realli cannot take it le..realli feel like slping...may blog later again...till then..


Blogger SpongeBob said...

Hey gal, you got to really take a good rest! If your mind is very active every night, then make yourself physically tired like going for a jog. After that, u will have not much strength to think of whatever reasons why you are sad about and I'm sure you can fall asleep very fast. Take very good care of yourself! Bye

10:08 AM  

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