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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

ktv madness

today met xiangqi in the morning larrr...we went to wash photos at one of d shop in 8 head larrr...after dat we went to mac to haf our breakfast lar..i eat big mac den ah qi eat fillet-oh-fish breakfast..we all agree d tea not nice one..dunno y..haha...eee...esp xiangqi onli add sugar...nice meh?? oppss..i secretly tink my milk tea was even worse...wAhahaha....erm den we look a photos lor..dunno y d hanging out in Mac juz remind mi of wat we always did back in sec sch..we also always sit ard doing homework and chatting in mac one..hahaha...

den was raining heavily lor...we went back xiangqi house nearby to take jackets...siao sia...we took bus to yishun coz din wan take mrt..den from yishun we took train to woodlands..actually wanted to sing partyworld..but $20++ on a weekday...OMG!!!! so we took mrt to lot1 to sing kbox..cheaper larrr....$11 for each person...we sing till 7pm leh..so fun..d way we sing all veri funnieee...xiangqi singing got potential lehh...hahaha..we sing many songs sia!!! i tink all "zhou ying" wan..mi and xiangqi nx time can start girl grp liao...the 2nd version of twins..hahahaaha...although not veri gd larrrr..but our voice can BLEND lehh...

oh ya den xiangqi lost her way from the toilet..haha-.-|| funnie thing is i tink she walked past a few times..i din noe it was her..i keep tinking y so shou xi HUH!?? den another moment later i saw d kbox assistant bring tis ger in..aye?? y huh?? oh yuan lai is nobody and only the famous low xiangqi..xiangqi say y i so blur wan...see her walk past so many times din call her in..haixxxx...i tink we all blur..maybe nx time we can be called SHA NU YUE TUAN~~ nice name rite..

tin i don write anymore..tink i going mad..oh...no pics for this entry..all too ugly liao...=X


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