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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

~!10 things about mi~

1.What is the 1 thing u like to do wen u r lonely?
-= Going shopping..

2.What is the 2 movies u have seen and cried
-= lots..cant remember..wahaha.

3.What is the 3 things u notice 1st when u meet a
-= smile, hair, dressing

4.What is the 4 main things u look for when u
finding a job?
-= location, working hours, salary and working environment

5.Which 5 people u consider as good friends?
-= -.-...min, yun, xiangqi, jiahui, cuiling...and lots larrr..but state 5 mah..

6.What is the 6 things u like about ur guy/gal?
-= imaginary one harrr...erm...let mi imagine harrr..eh..his chubby face, his hair, his smile, his positive attitude, his eyes, his humor...

7.What is the 7 numbers u like?
-= 11, 5, 1, 3, 0, 89, 6

8.What is the 8 colours u like?
-= purple, blue, pink, yellow, brown, white, black, pearl

9.What are the 9 songs u like the best?
-= zhu ni shen ri kuai le(wen lan), pu tong peng you(tao zhe), hui dao guo qu(jay), heng hao(sun yan zi), lydia(f.i.r), dou jiang you tiao(jj), jian jian dan dan(jj), chi pang(cyndi), xie yi shou ge(shun zi)

10.What 10 things u dream of that u love to have?
-= a big mansion, happiness, rainbows, lots of money, a prince, an aeroplane(wif d captain), a new 3G hp, a ktv lounge, a trip back to d past, a beach


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