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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Thailand Trip - Day 02

By d time i woke up i tink it was 6 or 7 plus...bangkok time..s'pore time was 1 hour faster.most of us were were still asleep..vic was already watchin tv le..peifu him can wake up so early wo..but mtvs in d morning are nicer. after everybody finally was ready...we had breakfast on d 2nd storey of d hotel.bcoz d first storey was too full. It was a breakfast buffet style.lots of dishes to choose from. i chose some choco crossionts & bread. had some fried rice and chicken too. yum.

After which we took Bangkok skytrain to chatuchak d weeekend market. we purchased a one way ticket each. wasnt expensive ard 20 bahts or lesser ba...getting thru d mrt gates was tricky. it followed d old spore style of slotting cards into d gate. but u will need to pull d card out b4 d gates will open. It took ard 1/2 hour to reach chatuchak. It was realli hot out there!!! ard 40 degrees ba..we walked mostly ard d clothing section. found a realli nice shirt which cost less den $10. matt & jh also bought shirts..design nice nice wor..we also found a shop which sell cute cute cups..i bought one wif angel & stars on it. by then it was noon & we were suffering from heat stroke...tink so coz everybody face was red red & sweat juz keep flowing down our faces like crazy. after taking a quite look at d pets station, we decide we couldnt stay any longer..

so we took d underground train to another shoppin mall..got aircon so shiok...we sat at d mac and had drinks...wow d lemon tea was so sweet...tink easy to get diabetes...so we had to keep adding water to dilute it..even sweet-toothed mi couldnt stand it. after dat we went shoppin again...bought daffy duck slippers for my fren & teddy for jh..its name is ah pong.coz its thailand made and thai language always have pong inside de..by then our feet were starting to break..so had ice-cream again at mac.act it was onli mi.d ice cream was unique leh..i had a jelly sundae. the first half of it was icecream.d bottom was red jelly.sweet!

we took d train to d last shoppin mall of d day...had a zinger meal.nice nice.but din eat d whole thing coz felt too full.finally we set off to d night market. where we gals bought Birk. slippers..ha..was surprised to find a pair of my size. den we bought alot of thai snacks ...wow!!! my fav is d dried papaya slices...keke...surprised d stall owner could speak chinese.

Back at d hotel..had a bubble bath...it was definately a long day..............


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