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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Thailand Trip - Day 01

First day of our trip. JH's father drove JH, me, matt & vic to d airport. It was only 6 sometink den...so early i could barely keep my eyes open. but as soon as we reach d airport & met eve, i was so excited i guess everybody ard me knew it was my first trip ba.hehe.we all got our pouches wif us, i still rem everybody only had one light luggage to check in.after lots of waiting and walking, we finally reach gate 48 which was d last gate! Ah~~ was feeling worried coz i din take plane b4...rem i was actually gripping d sides of d seat when d plane took off! eve and jh was trying to calm mi down.-.- hehe.it was more of a roller coaster. surprise! i din get plane sick.lol.

after we reached bangkok airport, i heard alot of thai but din understand a word of it. a bus drove us to Arnoma Hotel which is d hotel we were staying.It was quite a long ride ard 45 mins long? this time i got bus sick.felt so faint & tired when i got off d jerky bus. but we all were v glad and this was our first glimpse of d city area for all of us. d gals shared one room. d guys d other. so happy there was mtv chinese channel.tot there was onli thai tv there. there was football channel too. gd for d guys.eve, jh, i decide to go nearby shoopin to buy water & stuff. had our first ice cream. it tasted nice and some more d thai guy was quite gd lookin..lol...after dat five of us went to super market to buy lots of tibits...we walked quite a while...after moving d tibits back to hotel..we went for dinner at a thai steamboat restaurant..ben lai wan to watch movie..but nothin realli nice was showin..so went back hotel quite early..juz hang out in our room and watched tv..guess everybody was tired out...we gals cant tahan too long also...it wasnt too long b4 we fell asleep after watching a few mtvs....


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