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Monday, November 08, 2004

first day of holiday!!!!

today is e first day of holidays...veri strange no need to wake up in the early mornings anymore..no more taking the lift to 11th floor of harbourfront centre...no need to c e indian pple in si room..no more troubling over work...no more eating at e hawker..no more 1 hour trip home...haha..i tink i wont be takin e train to harbourfront centre anymore...
hmm..these holidays maybe wont slack le..coz found a factory job..but haven confirm yet i can go to work..i hope so leh..coz can earn more money..and holidays wont pass too slow either...after these 2 weeks of swimming..i haf officially become so tanned..sian...izit a gd thing? coz i like being white..muz faster let my skin fade to my original color..haha...


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