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Monday, October 25, 2004

scary nightmare..

ys nite i had a super scary nitemare..i dreamt someone was chasing mi...i don rem e whole dream but i guess whereever i go e person would loom and appear in my face...scary....mi today also veri tired..i guess recently i haf been an unreasonable gal rite? haiz..so sian...maybe i should not be so greedy ba...wan e best of everything...life cannot be like dat de ba..i suppose...no one understand my feelings..i guess i juz haf to write it down...maybe reading it will sound different from when i say it out..blog...i feel utterly break down le..my body cant withstand all the pressure from dat happened recently...its getting so hard to put up a gd performance infront of everybody...sometimes i wish i could juz cry and get over it...seems easy but i tink wo ban bu dao...so fan...arrrrghhh..i wish ipp was over soon...one less burden to worry about...


Blogger SpongeBob said...

Hi gal! I believe that by crying is also a good way to release your stress whether it is related to your work or... Although it will not help you to solve your problems, but you will surely feel much better after a good cry. By putting up a good performance in front of many people is a very tough job. But don't worry much, everyday passes very fast and soon your burden will be gone. Jia you orh! ->-@

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