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Saturday, July 17, 2004

CrYiNg tEaRs...

TodAy..i reAd a veri gd book. the storyline was about a teenage gal's life..her frens, her family, her sch n her love life...y tis gal's life suddenly turned upside down...n eventually fought her best to sort her life out...when she can't, she juz resort to crying to let it all out..haiz..but tis story is quite touching..in e sense dat i can sense e gal's determination to keep her life going...so sad to e pt dat i cried again..but i tink it bcoz of e music i listening..veri touch leh..maybe my own life now isn't dat wonderful n happy..maybe i always gave pple e image i m a cheerful n funni gal ba..but i guess they r all wrong..tis world...all e pple..don care about mi..they juz wan mi to stay out of trouble n stay my cheerful n 'guai guai' self...when can i find true frens n family dat truly cares bout mi..i realli veri 'xin ku'...my tears r all crying..but who will c...nobody...


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