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Saturday, July 03, 2004


Today, i went to a fren house to help her practise cooking desert to prepare for an upcoming party...small gatherings like these wif my old frens r veri rare nowadays..so as usual had alot of fun together..especially preparing dessert wif my fav ingrediant!! Chocolate..!! haha...den e dessert surprising quite gd to my taste..haha..abit too sweet but i helped to clear it up le..lol..den we looked at some photos together..suddenly found dat e three of us changed alot..den at dat moment realli feel abit like crying..maybe we have changed alot better rite now..but dunno y miss e past alot..haha..maybe grow old le ba..keke..haha..maybe in e past we were more tian zhen ba..haha..den always veri lively..now all of us veri busy so cant realli meet up again..but nvm..we all haf improved in diff ways..especially we r becuming cuter le!!
gals, we muz break e curse soon o!! tink u noe wat i toking bout rite?? ha...^^*


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