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Friday, July 16, 2004

happy day..

haha..today duno y i haf e feeling to write a new entry for my blog..hmmm...maybe xin qing hao ba..especially today is friday...weekend le..finally can kind of relax liao??
hmmm..today is yungting birthday!! so congrats to u o..but don tink u noe my blog also..haha..anyway juz wish u here lor..20 yrs old o..so fast..but it reminds mi i be growing older soon also..haiz..lao le..so sad..
still searching for tis person contacts..dunno where to find tis person jialat..i c tis person in sch..but still don dare to tok to dat person directly sia..so now muz tou tou go look for e contact means..ahhh..driving mi crazy liao..suan le..leave it to fate..let fate decide everytink ba..hahahaha...lol..kk liao..i tink e pple reading my blog will grow crazy too..coz today e topic i toking abit crap hor..haha..bai for now..


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