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Thursday, July 01, 2004

Wat Fate Does..

Today, i finally realise everytink was predestined...e place u r born in, e time, ur family, ur frens...maybe i juz started to cherish e tinks n pple ard mi ba..i donno y everytink seems so vulnerable now...like i may lose anytink or anyone anytime..i already lost someone whom i love veri much...but in e end i gained a realli gd fren i can depend on..seeing him happy is my biggest wish...it pain mi to c him so upset dat period of time..i lost a friend too...i tink i hurt her also..maybe it was all my fault..i m an immature person...in e process, i hurt everybody ard mi including my family too...i juz wan to say dui bu qi...wo bu hui zai zhe yang le...


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