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Saturday, August 13, 2005

Happy Birthday to Po Po

today is my grandmother's birthday...my father side one...as usual from i small small until now...every year no exception muz go her house celebrate and eat dinner..last year i still rem she's was in hospital..which is a really sad thing..but i guess her situation is d lao ren chi dai lor...coz she forgotten wats my name ler..and some of my relative name also..jialat...but she looks happy...

and she keep eating and eating...erm last time when she din haf d illness she kept asking us to eat more de..now different ler..she keep eating and eating...scary man...i realli haf nothing to tok to my relatives...so i watched tv..they put on d movie kung fu hustle..which i haven see b4 lar....

i tin i zibi again lor..hahaha..kept sitting there..whereas d house was full of kids..4 kids i tink...veri cute lar...but i shy mah..so i kept smiling at them..wahahaha...d cake is nice lar..fruit cake...lol...den juz back from an hour ago..so tired..tml muz go for my 4th music lesson liao...aiyo muz go and practise again...ltr teacher chop mi...ha.....

Happy 79th birthday to Po Po~~~=)


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