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Monday, February 28, 2005

today i felt happier than e past few weeks...haha...don ask mi y...i juz felt dat i was into my normal life again...can say i felt more hopeful?? ok maybe u guys here tink i'm wierd..but i tink everybody has tis periods of time dat they feel down ba...i stumbled and fell..but kinda stood up again..juz onli walking more slowly den usual..need to readjust my pace again..but nw to mi i juz wan to lead a more quiet and peaceful life...a life dat is free from tears and isomania...

today started stressing over assignments again....haiz...but i will jiayou de...i wan to leave NYP wif veri gd grades le...and was duper happy when my parents gave e green light for e thailand trip...now onli figuring how i can save up plenty of money for it...wow..my first trip overseas..i hope it be a fun one..=)


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